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We can't count the number of times we have heard senior IT executives complain about how they are flying blind.  They can't seem to get the key performance indicators necessary to effectively govern their rather expensive IT investment portfolios.  Worse, by the time status has been fabricated in the form of pretty Powerpoint stoplight charts or meaningless critical-path-method Gantt charts, the opportuinity to proactively prevent disaster has come and gone.

Advisor :: Metrics changes all this for the first time.  Not only is this "Information Radiator" intended to leverage the Hawthorne Effect to change behaviors and enable true openness and transparency, it streams metrics that matter based on our systems thinking kernel in a push-versus-pull manner.

Where all other software development ALM platforms and metrics solutions require you to pull charts and metrics, require you to aggregate data into heavyweight data warehouses, and bind you to a single vendors solution stack, Advisor breaks these dependencies to give you "in-the-moment", actionable and predictive delivery intelligence.  What's more, our expert system patent allows us to realize the promise of "prescriptive" analytics, providing expert advice and guidance when indicators are outside established tolerances.

Only Advisor :: Metrics aggregates your entire IT portfolio metrics for side-by-side relative comparisons of performance in near real-time.  Our portfolio and program aggregation technology is agnostic of ALM stack and enables cross-program views of Release Plans with drill-through capability into hybrid repositories when you need to "pull-the-thread".  Our technology is unlike any other, with competing offerings only able to provide the typical "go-and-find-it" basic charts and reports, typically void of any substance for their relevance or credibility.

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