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The Advisor Platform is focused on two enterprise scale problems that have been elusive in solving efficiently and effectively for decades: successful transformation to modern software development practice; and timely visibility into large IT portfolios through automated health metrics for pragmatic governance and compliance.

Organizational-wide adoption of consistent & effective practice

There is no shortage of stories of massive IT project debacles. Less publicized are false starts related to improving software development outcomes.  Transformational strategies of every shape and size are peddled as snake-oil with results to match their over-hyped, prescriptive and skin-deep recipes with only one lasting legacy – passive aggressive behavior. Our industry exclusive approach embraces enterprise diversity, infuses cultural sensitivity, mitigates bias, normalizes frames-of-reference and harvests rather than reinvents know-how.  For the first time, organizations can avoid the blatant "marketeering" and silver-bullet branding that has plagued the industry for over 50 years.  

Using the Enteprise Transformation Advisor, Teams, Coaches and Change Leaders can break the constant cycle of methodologies being foisted on teams leading to process fatigue and a feeling that "this too shall pass".  Instead, organizational-wide learning is possible through endeavor contextualization, approach capture and risk mitigation, and correlation to outcomes.  Reuse of good practice in context emerges, and continuously evolving maturity is measured to answer the difficult question "how are we doing?".

In-the-moment portfolio visibility @ scale 

In our experience, large enterprises almost never have credible, meaningful, quality, timely or aggregated data to manage their IT portfolios. We typically see manual, error prone metrics strategies which are costly, gamed and full of blind-spots, amounting to nothing more than "PowerPoint theater". Our approach focuses on enabling data-driven decisions at scale so you are no longer flying blind.  Streaming analytics from hybrid tool pipelines across the entire value stream provide the necessary aggregation, both horizontally across your disparate IT portfolio, and vertically across each unique program or project.  

The Enterprise Portfolio Advisor streams real-time metrics using our pub-sub architecture is the only industry solution that performs at enterprise scale.  Smarter and leading indicators from across the PPM, Development, Acquisition and and DevOps segments go beyond mere measures with our industry exclusive AI and our expert system alerts.  Such a "metrics appliance" provides portfolio advice and guidance in a timely fashion so you can steer your ship before it's too late.

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The Advisor Platform keeps it real.  Popular approaches in the industry like SAFe, LeSS or Nexus are nice in theory, but represent only a few individuals perspective and experience, or amount to a digitized textbook.  Value Stream, and its realization with Advisor, is the only Enterprise Transformation approach that actually provides a software platform to live up to the ideals of the Learning Organization.  Measured Improvement can only occur when flexible choices regarding ways of working are captured and continuously optimized based on conditions on the ground.  This requires correlation between a teams approach and their outcomes.  To do this cost effectively at scale across the enterprise requires software.  The only software that does this in the entire software industry is The Enterprise Transformation Advisor. 

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