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Strategy & Execution

At the heart of SDE's transformation strategy is our pioneering work to explain the "why" modern software development approaches work the the way do.  Applying the rigor of Electrical Engineering, specifically Control Systems theory to current populist trends like the Agile movement added credibility to what until then amounted to superstition, conjecture and spin.  This work achieved one of the most recognized industry accolade, the Jolt award, with other notable recipients being Jez Humble (Continuous Delivery), Alistair Cockburn (Agile Development) and Kent Beck (Extreme Programming).

Following the groundbreaking ideas contained within SDLC 3.0, we got to work to make it real and practical to provide economic utility to large enterprises.  Laser focused on the business problem of achieving meaningful change related to successfully achieving modern Lean-Agile transformation, Value Stream represents the codification of SDE's strategy for true and lasting change.  Coupled with detailed descriptions of the pragmatic implementation of our strategy, this work forged the way forward for contextually appropriate chains of practice  forming dynamic Value Streams which embrace the diversity and complexity of modern enterprises.  

The Value Stream approach is the only industry strategy that integrates all prior practice knowledge in the context of the functional utility to which they add value within software deliveries, forming a coherent whole and setting the stage for understanding "how are we doing" for our capability improvement investment.  Populist approaches like SAFe, LeSS, Lean Startup, Nexus represent static recipes conjured up by but a few methodologists based on their limited experience. 

Value Stream Big Picture.png

According to McKinsey, you do not need a 12-step program or process for change.  Rather, "you need a platform for change".  Coupled with our Value Stream strategy is our Advisor Transformation Platform.  This platform provides the empirical environment for collecting the data necessary to understand causality of our our contextual practice choices and our actual outcomes.  To truly enable strategy execution, our platform mines data from all major ALM technologies (Atlassian, ServiceNow, Rally, VersionOne, IBM, Microsoft) to understand trends an over time.

Leveraging our vision, your enterprise is afforded both strategy and execution to enable successful transformation to modern practice at scale.  Our engagements are designed to lead your people through the various stages of change on their way to becoming a "Learning Organization", avoiding false starts, slow and frustrating change from the past.

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