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Translation - AI is changing the competitive landscape, with startups uniquely positioned to disrupt aging players who have not innovated anything substantial for quite some time in the software development space.  Whether it be ALM stacks, methodology or the thought leadership or lack thereof behind each, AI is set to disrupt the status quo.  At the top of the list of opportunities for delivering better outcomes is advanced analytics.  Both Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics represent a quantum leap beyond what is currently available in the software development tooling landscape today. 

"By 2020, 50% of IT organizations will apply advanced analytics in application development to improve application quality and speed of delivery."

"By 2019, artificial intelligence platform services will cannibalize revenues of 30% of market leading companies."

At the heart of the ability to deliver these capabilities is expert system technology.  Associated with this is the underlying kernel model that represents the software delivery ecosystem.  This is now available, provided exclusively by SDE. 

We have pioneered the use of AI to not only predict outcomes, but also provide advice and guidance to teams based on live result data, trigger risk mitigation alerts based on our rule base, and perform deep learning based on symptom root-cause chains.  

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