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Introducing HyperAgility™

Enterprises spend trillions of dollars worldwide on software. Demand is outstripping supply, labor arbitrage is tapped out, and large-scale waste is rampant. Decades of silver-bullet methodologies (including Agile approaches) have barely put a dent in success rates, especially with technology investments at scale. It is these types of software engineering projects that are the most susceptible and ripe for disruption, as current approaches emphasize scaling social systems (scaling frameworks), violating a fundamental software engineering law known as “the mythical man-month”. The surest way to put a large enterprise software program at risk and yield suboptimal outcomes, whether it be at the outset or at the eleventh hour after negligence has taken hold, is to throw bodies at the problem.

Introducing HyperAgility™ - a revolutionary way-of-working that disintermediates and democratizes the software supply-chain by integrating Generative AI and Declarative AI (Expert Systems) into an "innovation flywheel". You can think of it as turning current popular processes like Scrum inside-out, as Human Intelligence meets Artificial Intelligence. The efforts of specialists in a serialized I-Plant process (at however high a frequency of iteration) are replaced by a T-Plant configuration with the central focus-of-control of orchestration being a Solution Architect - the "director" if you will. All other contributors or stakeholders apply their force to accelerate the innovation flywheel in parallel and continuously in a single integrated workspace. You could say it is CI/CD on steroids.

Only there is a catch - anyone can play this role, but most effectively those with deep business/problem domain knowledge. The net effect is to democratize the development of software, break down the traditional us-versus-them business/IT dynamic and empower those who have vision to innovate by themselves in conjunction with a specialist support system. Not only does this take the ideals of the low-code paradigm to new levels, it yields a step change in productivity akin to COTS reuse strategies of the past - I call it AI Off-The-Shelf software engineering. In transforming the software supply-chain in this manner, a new paradigm of value delivery is born - one that mitigates the churn of technology stacks, decouples the problem domain from solution domain vendor lock-in, and injects high order reuse to accelerate software endeavors at the outset such that consensus of what good looks like can quickly emerge.

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