Methodology Consultants are like Arms Dealers

Much has been written by yours truly about the blatant competitive differentiation that goes on with various software development methodologies and processes. I could be accused of being naive in my observations, and whether it is possible to change human nature and these immutable laws of marketing. The most basic instinct related to the profit motive and trying to make money off of rebranding "generally accepted practice" under a flashy new label is alive and well. It is also true and written about extensively in my new book "Value Stream" that this is costing our collective industry around $200 Billion each year. How many different ways can one spin 2-level planning, the science of flow o

Documentation is vital for Agility

When we talk about documentation within software development, we really need to tackle the issue on two fronts - problem domain documentation and solution domain documentation. Most of us are familiar with the now popularized Agile mantra "Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation". The intent of this value statement within the Agile Manifesto was to attack the prevalent practice of the day to front-load projects with extensive requirements specifications in one big batch. Arguably, it was also a veiled shot across the bow on model-based documentation of software, with a very strong bias towards reliance on the code level of abstraction for knowledge management of how the software wo

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