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Value Stream is the latest software delivery approach in the industry that both scales across the diverse enterprise, and scales up to software endeavors of all sizes.  It differs from populist Agile scaling frameworks in that it is not rigid, but rather is an enabler to teams who wish to self organize at the scale of the enterprise and who wish to learn empirically from their experience about what works in practice and what doesn't.  Being supported by the Advisor platform, Value Stream is the only approach to modern capability improvement that goes beyond "System Thinking" name dropping.  Our patent speaks for itself and represents the only industry-wide offering that lives up to the idea of assembling practice-based approaches that automatically yield Value Stream Networks that we invented.   You could say that it isn't a method at all.  Finally, Value Stream is an approach that explains the context, function and purpose of practices within the overall software delivery ecosystem so that teams can understand why succeeding projects succeed, and failing projects fail.  Copycats are trying to reach this ideal, but we stand alone in the ability to deliver.


Some competitors, namely SAFe, LeSS create free online catchy recipes and pretty "big pictures" from their thought leaders own limited experience or derived from prior textbooks, rigid in their one-size-fits-all philosophy, devoid of any meaningful transformation software support, let alone any practice-based causality analysis support using live software delivery infrastructure.  Others seem to infringe on our core patented IP and claim the ability to build meaningful and coherent hybrid practice-based approaches, make bold claims related to AI and software delivery methods, something exclusive to SDE.  We even have "Heart of Agile" or SEMAT attempting to achieve what we have already created, yet miss the critical ingredients that establish the coherence of a complete ecosystem, all the while claiming to be yet another silver bullet.  

Value Stream is built to bind all the essential ingredients to yield meaningful and diverse playbooks to support self-organization and continuous improvement at scale.  It provide a credible "how" for integrating all practice knowledge from all prior methods.  We take visualization of a teams way-of-working one step further by visualizing waste, WIP Limits, cycle-times and quality metrics integrated from hybrid software delivery infrastructure all in one playbook across the Value Stream segments - in real time.  There really is nothing like it out there.  Whether it be streaming analytics in the context of a teams moment-in-time way of working, quickly reusing proven experience, mitigate risky practice choices without the need for expensive coaches, or providing a credible choice architecture that defines the function of the many practices out there,  nobody even comes close to Value Stream.

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