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The industry's only platform to manage Lean-Agile transformations.


Successful transformation to modern software development practice at enteprise scale.

Artificial Intelligence is all the buzz in the IT industry.  Make no mistake, the promise of AI is real and will disrupt established players and transform the worlds economy.  SDE is the exclusive holder of a patent which combines system's thinking, software development practice and life-cycles and providing advice and guidance to your enterprise teams.  Such practices span the spectrum of Project and Portfolio Management, Requirements, Design and Implementation and DevOps.  We invite your enterprise to become early adopters as we practice our invention and make a difference in large enterprises.  The early bird gets the worm so they say...


Anyone who has been involved in big software programs knows they are fundamentally different than the world of smaller, more contained product development or the types of development typical in startups.  When many hundreds or even thousands of people are brought to bear on a software endeavor, very complex dynamics emerge.  These social dynamics at their core do not lend themselves to simple organizational processes or structures or flavor-du-jour methodologies.  Far more systemic issues come to play including cultural friction, scale and various vendor management risks.  

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